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In order to provide you with a complete service, Silver Leaf maintains a close working relationship with professional accounting firms, insurance brokers, financial institutions, disclosure companies and quality contractors.

A successful client is increasingly aware that professional consultants are a necessary part of their team. They learn to rely upon the lawyer, CPA, architect, contractor and soils engineer to provide the necessary advice in each one’s field of endeavor.

The client does not always have the same level of expertise available in the operational aspects of the Community Association Management field. It is through communication and working with a community that makes a development an enjoyable place to live. If you have professional managers who can help smooth the transition of a project from the developer to the Homeowner Association it will help everyone involved with the project. A good management team helps maintain a quality of living by solving the daily problems of people living together without pivoting neighbor against neighbor. This professional relationship makes for a successful Association and community. Silver Leaf looks forward to working with you to achieve the best results.

Association Management
Homeowners are usually a busy group of people who do not have time to meet the demands of the neighborhood let alone a corporation. Silver Leaf’s Managing Agents work under the direction of the Board of Directors to meet the needs of the community. Our emphasis is on satisfying the homeowners and their concerns in relation to their community. We help enable the members to be a part of a community that can live in harmony and enjoy their most important possession, their home.

Escrow Administration
The sale/purchase is only the beginning. Buyers need to be provided with all the disclosure documents required by law for the Association. Current governing documents including financials, new policies and rules have to be given to each subsequent buyer. Silver Leaf can help you get this done by subcontracting this work to CA Data Source at no charge to the Association.

Homeowners Association Management
Establishing Homeowners Associations has become increasingly more difficult due to Civil Codes and DRE regulations which require a great deal of set-up, expertise and management skills. We have the skills to relieve you of the time-consuming tasks of preparing corporate documents, homeowner files, budgets and other Association requirements allowing you more time to concentrate on your community.

• Assemble and Distribute All Pertinent Documents
• Assist in Budget Preparation
• Obtain Competent Accounting Services
• Contract for Insurance as Required by Governing Documents
• File SS-4, Tax Exempt Status, Statement of Information and CID
• Protect the Property Values of a Development through Constant Care Provided by Licensed Professionals
• Prepare Assessment and Common Area Completion Bond Releases After All Conditions Have Been Met
• Attend and Supervise Homeowners Meetings,
• Prepare and Distribute Accurate Minutes via Hard Copy and/or E-mail
• Keep Association Current with New CA Civil Codes
• Reserve Studies Done Routinely to Ensure Optimal Association Reserve Funding
• Maintain Open Communication with Homeowners While Still Enforcing the CC&R’s

For those clients needing a full assistance package, we will assist the Board on how to run the Association efficiently. Silver Leaf is a hands-on company that will consistently be on site providing their services. Our goal is to keep the project in the best possible condition while protecting the homeowners’ investment.

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